Global Wave Group and Compliance Systems Partnership

Global Wave Group LLC, a leading provider of Commercial Loan Origination Systems, has partnered with Compliance Systems to offer a seamless solution allowing banks and credit unions a highly efficient, end-to-end process for the analyzing, approving, monitoring, and documenting commercial loans.

Credit Concepts: A different kind of PPP

Given the amount of focus currently on the PPP and other loan deferral programs, it is important to continue the monitoring and reviews of credits in existing loan portfolios. Too often, the habit of “dealing with the latest fire drill” distracts us from the responsibilities of focusing on our existing portfolios.

Global Wave Group Releases its CT Mobile Solution for Commercial Lending

Global Wave Group is pleased to announce the release of its CT Mobile Solution that enables Relationship Managers and Executives with real-time information on loan details, approval status, covenants, ticklers, financial analysis and historical…

Global Wave Group Releases its Next Generation CT Digital Solution for Commercial Lending

Global Wave Group is pleased to announce the release of the next generation of its industry leading digital suite that simplifies a borrower’s journey from Loan Application through Monitoring.  Fully integrated with Global Wave Group’s…

2021 Strategic Planning

Oftentimes, Banks and Credit Unions build their upcoming annual plans by simply adjusting the plans from the year prior, copying and pasting most of their objectives with no drastic changes.

Process Controls Drive Project Success

Like a mapping application on your phone, processes work best when they guide you to your destination without unnecessary delays and mistakes that cause you to retrace your steps.

Strategies for a Successful Project

When you hear the terms, integration and conversion, the first thing that comes to mind may be loss of data, laborious processes and countless resources. Even armed with a project plan, there are too many unknown variables that frequently slow down the pace...

A Bankers Toolkit:  Effectively Working Remote

After spending the past month trying to manage the current banking environment, it has become very clear that financial institutions must find ways to have a functional remote workforce or the ability to allow their teams to work remotely, when needed, without a decrease in productivity. Instead, some Bank and Credit Unions may simply try to...

Credit Process Automation

When it comes to banks wanting to put in the time and effort to automate their credit process, the excuse is “we’re too busy and have a portfolio to manage” or “the auditors are about to walk in and we don’t have the time to focus on it today”. In this blog post, certain strategies and tactics will be provided to add value to the subject and as bankers like to say, “minimize risk”.

Using Credit Track™ to Help Banks with COVID-19 Requests

The COVID-19 crisis has forced all of us to adapt to unanticipated circumstances in both our personal and work lives.  As part of our response, we have stepped up our support resources to assist our clients in any way they need.  We were overjoyed…