Using Credit Track™ to Help Banks with COVID-19 Requests

The COVID-19 crisis has forced all of us to adapt to unanticipated circumstances in both our personal and work lives.  As part of our response, we have stepped up our support resources to assist our clients in any way they need.  We were overjoyed to get this note from one of our clients recently telling us how they used Credit Track to immediately respond to the crisis and report the necessary information to their management team.

“As you might imagine we are being inundated with calls related to COVID-19.  We were asked to put together a process for payment deferrals and way to track client inquiries related to COVID-19 relief.   We immediately wrote up a Loan Maintenance workflow procedure that allows us to quickly approve and document payment deferrals and we used the Activity Log to label all contacts “COVID-19” so we can report up to management and provide the Regulators with a record of what we did in response to client issues and how we responded at various levels of risk.”

“Everyone was super impressed that we could coordinate clients contacts around a specific, extraordinary issue so quickly and efficiently.  Thank you Credit Track!!  We look like heroes and geniuses.”

– SVP, $7B Global Wave Group Client

Keep safe and healthy.  Let us know how we can help you adapt in these dynamic times.

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