Portfolio Track

Tickler & Covenant Compliance Solutions

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Manage your portfolio post-funding with Tickler, Covenant, Exception Reporting & Credit File  

Portfolio Track helps in the monitoring and tickler process via tracking covenant conditions and required financial submissions. The application has a dashboard feature to track metrics as well as performing various levels of operational and management reporting. The platform is highly configurable, can interface with existing bank systems and requires no programming knowledge to make operational changes, add fields and modify ticklers/ covenants. Upcoming ticklers and exceptions are managed via reports and letters/emails generated by a click of a button.

Manage ticklers and covenants.  Using our Electronic Credit File (fully integrated with ticklers), allows the bank to maintain an electronic copy of all documents.


Perform and validate covenant compliance. Even track step-up and step-down covenants.  

Define items to track at relationship, borrower or loan level.


Send follow-up letters & emails with a click of a button.

Track any type of tickler item from financials to aging reports.  Portfolio Track allows the user to define and manage a specific schedule for recurring items and maintains that history. 

Monitor and maintain performance metrics via custom dashboards.  

Integrates with existing bank systems.  


Segregate “credit” related ticklers vs “at risk” related ticklers.

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