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888-315-4704        info@globalwavegroup.com


Implementation Process Overview

Our Path to a Successful Implementation

A successful Commercial Loan Origination Solution is as much about the implementation process as it is the underlying technology being deployed.  As a company, we are laser focused on process – for you our prospective client by providing process innovation to drive efficiency, compliance and portfolio growth.  We apply that same focus to our own implementation process, because that is how we think. 

Working in partnership with your team, our Project Management Office will guide the implementation process through a proven, well-defined series of milestones:


Develop a Deep Understanding

  • Develop a deep understanding of the challenges that the Bank faces 
  • Deep Dive on existing Bank processes.


Define High-Level Objectives

  • Clearly articulate the problems that we are trying to solve
  • Invent the Future – Establish overall project objectives
  • Establish project success criteria


Credit Track Platform Deep Dive

  • Deep Dive Credit Track demonstration to key Team Members, tailored to established objectives


Process and Solution Development

  • Application of Best Practices to project objectives
  • Develop end-to-end process structure
  • Map new process(es) to Credit Track Platform and adjacent applications


Prototype and Validate

  • Present proposed process(es), impact and value to Stakeholders for review and approval


Implementation Planning

  • Agree on features, processes, metrics and monitoring
  • Full implementation plan developed by GWG PMO, inclusive of established objectives


Pilot Deployment

  • Phase 1 deployment of Credit Track to Bank environment


Training, Testing and Coaching: Pilot Group

  • Provide full training to the Pilot Group
  • Review of new/proposed processes
  • Pilot Group performs testing on the Phase 1 Implementation
  • GWG Provides Support and Coaching to the Pilot Group to assist and refine processes
  • Performance against metrics and project objectives



  • Lessons learned – update processes and platform based on feedback and performance


Production Deployment

  • Full deployment of Credit Track to Bank Production environment
  • Inclusion of all interfaces to adjacent systems


Training, Adoption Monitoring and Coaching

  • Full Credit Track training for the user community and process education
  • Go Live
  • Performance metrics on adoption and operations
  • Application of corrective measures and/or individual coaching as required


Support and On-going Monitoring

  • Support and coaching for user community
  • Additional Training as required through GWG Learning Center
  • Performance metrics monitoring