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888-315-4704        info@globalwavegroup.com


Discover all the Features of Credit Track

CreditTrack features a unique set of tools designed to help you manage your loan portfolio & mitigate commercial lending risks.

Client Relationship Management (CRM)

General sales and contact management, calling efforts, marketing campaigns & follow-up.

Origination/Pipeline Management

Ability to track originations, loan pipeline & credit application details.  Customized forms, templates for mail merge, credit memos & LOI.


Intuitive spreading/analytics platform.  Modify and define various accounts, define projection scenarios and model cash flows.  Bank’s credit memo with spreading data integration.

Credit Workflow Automation

Electronic routing of documents, approval chain, worfklow triggers based on business rules defined by the bank.

Integrated Electronic Credit Files

Using our Credit File product, you gain the ability to manage credit files and electronic documents in a streamlined and integrated fashion within the credit process.  Manage any type of file (Word, Excel, PDF) within our electronic imaging system.  Upload financials and update the tickler system automatically.

Client/Borrower Portal

Our CT Portal allows bank customers and prospects to submit loan documentation, financials, tax returns and related information in an automated, secure manner.  Streamlines the document submission process.

Task & Activity Tracking

Tracking and monitoring at loan and/or portfolio level for ticklers, covenants, etc.  Risk Grade and migration analysis.

Tickler & Covenant Maintenance

Tracking and monitoring at loan and/or relationship level for ticklers, covenants, etc.  Automated covenant compliance.

Portfolio Monitoring

Segmentation analysis and risk grade migration analysis.  Monitor your loan and relationships within a single system.


General reporting on all modules in the system.  Specialized reporting – stress testing, segmentation analysis and what-if scenarios.


Charts and widgets to help quickly identify customized views of past dues, up-coming activities, loans, violations of covenants, etc.


Functional customization at the system or user level.


General system administration and configuration of screen labels, fields (without programming), data elements, etc.


Context sensitive help section to maintain system user guide as well as policy manuals, credit policy, underwriting guidelines, etc.