why select global wave?


3 Reasons to Select Global Wave Group

Our solutions help bankers manage their loan portfolio and mitigate credit risks by streamlining the lending process.  We integrate with all existing Core Banking solutions as well as most documentation preparation solutions. This translates into reducing costs and enabling faster processing times to help grow the bank’s loan portfolio.

Competitive avantage


Our competitive advantage is in differentiating ourselves to work and think like bankers. Global Wave consultants are qualified line officers that have experience working in a commercial lending organization for financial institutions. By having an extensive background in banking and technology, we are able to effectively communicate with both bankers and technologists. We have a unique skill set in the marketplace and are able to effectively translate business needs into technical solutions. Rather than try to cover all lines of business, we focus on the commercial credit and commercial real estate lending processes.

Project Management & Software Development


Just like a loan life cycle, our project management and software development processes follow stringent industry standard methodologies. We prefer to use RUP (Rational Unified Process) for developing our software and utilize industry best practices in managing projects. Our associates have the experience in managing large scale projects and ensure that all requirements are identified and agreed to during the first phase of a project. This helps the bank understand exactly what the scope of the project will be and what deliverable to expect within the milestones that are set forth.

Global Wave’s approach and expertise is in thinking like bankers. Many technology companies are quick to offer turnkey solutions that may not necessarily fit within the complex framework of a bank’s commercial or small business lending area. Our banking consultants take a detail approach to understanding all facets of your operations, workflow and products to derive at the best possible technology solution to fit your needs.

Requirements Focused Approach


In today’s competitive and risk managed commercial lending environment, financial institutions are faced with increasing pressure to balance loan portfolios. Top management is faced with ensuring credit quality while trying to grow the loan portfolio to stay competitive in the marketplace. Bankers should not have to worry about managing projects and ensuring technology vendors are able to deliver on their promise. Too often in today’s environment, bankers are spending time managing projects to ensure vendor performance. At Global Wave, our unique requirements analysis approach ensures we have collectively come up with a methodology and scope that is applicable and one that will deliver the right solution for our clients.

We will review requirements first to determine what the needs are, not just propose our products without understanding the business challenge. Once we have a firm understanding of the business and internal processes, we will model our technology to fit your needs and not the other way around. Global Wave offers strategic solutions to enable banks to harness their process flows and translate them into actual technology deliverables.