Why Global Wave Group?

Each of our consultants has experience working in a liaison capacity at major banks. The ability to understand business challenges and user requirements and to translate them into technology solutions is paramount in ensuring a successful project. Our consultants are fluent in speaking both the IT and business language in order to effectively communicate and represent the business need to IT staff.

Flow-Track™ – Our Innovative Methodology, Unique to Global Wave Group

We have developed an innovative methodology to help streamline your workflow and credit operations has been designed by Bankers, for Bankers.

Flow-Track™ is a set of processes and metrics that the Global Wave employs to understand a Banks workflow and credit processes – providing a baseline set of requirements and solutions that enable Banks to make decisions on how to improve their operations. Not only will Flow-Track™ help you rethink your current operations, but it will simplify the process of implementing new workflow solutions such as Global Wave’s Credit Track and Portfolio Track applications.

Why look to Flow-Track™ to improve your operational efficiency, credit process and customer relationships?
Improve in these areas to generate incremental profit, automate repetitive tasks and allow you to focus on your clients.

What will Flow-Track™ do?
Utilizing Global Wave’s trademarked Flow-Track™ process; our Team will take a deep dive to understand your current credit and business process, combine those processes with your operational objectives, and customize Credit Track or Portfolio Track to fit exactly into your operations. Flow-Track™ will minimize your risk as you implement one of our solutions, and it will also provide you insights not only into your loan portfolios, but as to how to streamline your operations more efficiently, manage your credit portfolio with a higher degree of confidence, and generate a higher rate of return.


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